Top 10 benefits to get a Project Management Professional certification

Gone are the times when seasoned technicians or senior people were handpicked as project managers. In today’s fast changing business world where only success counts many organizations are reconsidering this approach. Many businesses are now designing standardized project management policies. This has led to a big increase in demand of certified project management experts who have considerable experience and sound knowledge in project management.

And that is where PMP certification comes in handy. Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally acknowledged professional certification offered by the PMI (Project management Institute) in Pennsylvania. According to the institute the certification is an application of techniques, knowledge and skills so as to ensure various projects are executed efficiently. Still not sure if you should take up the course? Here are more reasons to do the certification:

1. Greater Job Opportunities

Just like any other profession, project management too has some opportunities that are only available to people with Project Management Professional Certification. In fact there are about 30 percent more opportunities than there are qualified professionals available.

2. Gives weight to your resume

Many organizations today are making the certification a per-requisite for any project management opportunity. This typically means that having the skills and the credential will definitely make it easier for you to find a job as a program manager or a project manager.

3. Acquire new skills

You will acquire a wide array of new skills once you are done with the course. You will also know what was wrong with your previous projects and how to avoid such mistakes in future.

4. PMP certified professionals get paid well than non-PMP managers

Project Management Professional Certification is one of the most valued certifications currently because PMP certified managers are one of the best paid project managers. According to a PMI survey conducted in 2010, PMP managers in 6 different countries had a $10,000 remuneration advantage over their non PMP counterparts.

5. Better networking opportunities

According to PMI, there are over 350,000 PMP certified professionals worldwide and the number is growing very fast. The institute usually organizes meetings in metropolitan centers where members earn PDUs (Professional Development Units). Members require the units to renew their certification every 3 years. This meeting is also used as a way of providing members with new career opportunities because they usually have time slots allocated for people to share any opportunities that are available in their organizations.

6. Globally recognized certification

The certification is an accepted credential by many companies and organizations worldwide. This means that when you gain a PMP credential from the Project Management Institute, you will be considered as a skilled and certified professional in the project management field.

7. It enhances the way you work and manage projects

Having the credential basically means that you qualified in the 5 main project management process: Initiating, Planning, executing, monitoring and controlling which are the set standardized skills of project management. Also if an individual spends money and time acquiring a certification, it clearly shows that he or she is committed to Project Management as a profession. In addition, the certification is not just achieved by studying theory, it improves your skills and gives you an edge.

8. Helps you keep up with the sector

The certification continuously gives you the motivation to stay up to date with the current sector standards. In other words, it helps to be a leader in the industry.

9. Clients demand PMP certification

Today many established organizations and companies generally demand and like that their work is done by a PMP certified professional. In such scenarios the credential can give the leverage and the chance to handle projects of prestigious clients.

10. Social Impression

When it comes to social impression this credential also works miracles. People look up to you, you become an idol and the respect that comes with it is totally out of this world!

Bottom Line: It Challenges You

Although getting the Project Management Professional Certification will not be one of the easiest things in your career, it will challenge your skills and knowledge in a positive way. You will gain knowledge, self-confidence and connections you would not otherwise have. Moreover, the PMI credential is valid across all fields and industries. Whether you are in Information Technology, commerce, finance, business processing unit, research or telecom, it is will be very valuable to you.