PMP Preparation Course

Make Your Preparation Count

PMP Exam Preparation courses are a dime a dozen. There are cheap and expensive courses but both do not guarantee 100% satisfaction all the time. Some courses are offered by veteran managers and some are designed by academic professionals. These are all in line with the standards of the Project Management Institute but they will differ in the quality of services geared to help PMP hopefuls ace the exam.

Exam hopefuls want a PMP Exam Preparation that is directed towards their needs. They want learning tools to enhance their understanding of the course learning and a host of services that would boost their confidence. But they do not want false promises they can pass the PMP exam without having to go through a rigid routine of studies. Like them, you expect tough preparation and the right learning tools to go with it.

Here is what you should also expect from the course:

  • Best management practices
  • Application of these practices simulated project scenarios

10 Features of an excellent PMP online course

User Manual - The site must have a comprehensive downloadable user manual, which contains clear instructions using the online course and useful tips for passing the PMP exam.

Training Manuals - A printable pdf format must be available for each area of knowledge.

Audio and Video learning aids - Must be controlled with a click of a button to help you manage your time or the tutoring you receive.

Learning Objectives - Each training manual must clearly outline the learning objectives. This will guide you for the entire module of a particular PMP Exam preparation course.

Practice Tests - Should be regularly provided after each module to build up your confidence.

Duplicate Exam - Gauges your progress in the different areas.

History Feature - To evaluate your performance during the course and identify weak areas needing improvement.

Crib Sheets - Containing explanations to the questions that will expand your understanding of specific areas.

Help with Exam Application - Provides you with a list of requirements to prepare for the exam, schedule and list of examination centers in your locality.

Online Support - 24 hour online support is valuable to the anxious student who wants to get things right.

Additional Offers

Not all online PMP Exam Preparation courses offer free trials. If offered, this affirms the course's reliability. A free trial gives you the feel of the applications that will be used. However, this will be limited to a specific area.

Performance analysis helps everyone during the course. The analysis will guide you were to do better in areas you find difficult per results of your tests.

The program should also offer a course that is as current as the PMBOK ® guide; the latest they should offer is the 4th PMBOK ® edition. After each test, you should receive a certification that you have completed and passed the test.

Guided by these features and offers, you can confidently choose your PMP Exam Preparation course online or offline.